Friendship, Towels and Trains: Team Brexit Talk Jailbreak


Yes, it’s that time of year again. RAG’s ever popular Jailbreak is just round the corner and the teams are cooking up a storm fundraising. This year, Wessex Scene will be live-blogging the event as well as following the adventures of one particular team: Team Brexit. The team is made up of Lii Mohamed, Arun Aggarwal, Nicky Ghods and Maddie Henson. We caught up with three out of four members before they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

How do you all know each other?

Arun: We all do law and we were in the same tutorial group in first year; so we have strong bonds. And then Lii and I know each other from both being JCR presidents as well, and Maddie and Nicky used to live together. We’re all pretty tight to be fair. It’s quite cute actually.

So, you’ll be spending 36 hours with each other. How well do you think you’ll cope?

Lii: I don’t know. I think we’ve spent long enough hours in the library together.

Nicky: The revision period last year in the library was not a good time for us!

Lii: We spent near enough 36 hours in the library…

Arun: We did that whole night where we didn’t sleep, so that was like…. 17 hours.

What made you decide to do Jailbreak?

Arun: Banter.

Nicky: Basically, Arun and Lii said they were doing Jailbreak. And I thought I’d tag along to the meeting. They somehow persuaded me to do it.

Lii: I did it last year. I got somewhere in France, just outside Calais. It was really cool. The journey there, the hitch-hiking and everything was really cool so I told Arun about it.

Arun: And I was like damn, I really wanna do it this year. Because you know, it’s my last year at university so f*** work. Let’s go!

Nicky: I heard someone got to Hong Kong and I was like, I wanna go to Hong Kong.

Lii: And honestly, it’s the safest way to do what we’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to try hitch-hiking and get from A to B with no money, be adventurous. It’s dangerous to do it in real life – whereas when you do it with Jailbreak, your phone is monitored and you’re constantly checking in.

Arun: And I just want to do it with three of my best friends. I just think it’ll be really sweet and really fun.

Are you not afraid of the cost to get back home?

Arun: It’s not going to take much to get back because we’ll hitch-hike. I think our initial plan is to spend 20 hours going one way and then the remainder of the time coming back, so we have a nice safety bubble. The week after we’ve all got loads of work to do, like dissertations and stuff, so we do want to make sure we’re back in time for Monday.

But that means you might not win!

Nicky: No, we do want to win!

Lii: We do want to win but I think our main concern is having fun and raising money for charity, and it’s also a bunch of friends going off and doing activities

Arun: I really wanna do it this year. Because you know, it’s my last year at university so f*** work. Let’s go!

What’s your strategy?

Lii: What I proposed to the team was that we go to Dover, get on a ferry and then ask people if we can hitch-hike with them whilst we’re on the ferry and then see how far we can get.

Nicky: We could also go to the airport and hitch-hike from London.

Arun: Or we could go to Ebbsfleet and get the Eurostar into Europe.

But if you’ve got no money, how will you pay for the Eurostar or a plane?

Arun: Fund-raise and beg, but mainly fund-raise.

Do you have a fundraising strategy?

Arun: Be quite aggressive! We’ll be dressed up in some sort of weird fashion.

Credit: Alice Hearing
Credit: Alice Hearing

Nicky: Something warm.

Lii: Like pyjamas and gowns and towels.

Arun: That’s going to be f***ing freezing.

Nicky: Towels???

Have you targeted any celebrities?

Arun: I’ve tweeted so many people and all I’ve got are rejections.

Lii: I’ve emailed Alan Sugar.

There are four of you, so how are you going to work that? 

Lii: There are two ways of doing it. If we have just a single driver then there will be enough room for all of us to get into the car or if a driver has a people carrier. Either that or we’ll make a checkpoint and say, alright we’ll get to London and we’ll all be in London and go from there.

Is there anywhere you’re aiming for?

Lii: We said Italy and then the earthquake happened.

Nicky: So, we said no to Italy. It would be nice to obviously get out of England firstly, and then if we could maybe get to France or Spain and see how far we can go.

Do you think Jailbreak is a good way to raise money?

Arun: It’s so innovative. Some people, if they’re of a certain age are like, oh that’s sounds dangerous, I don’t want you doing that.

Lii: My parents freaked out when I told them, but then I told them it was monitored and they accepted it a bit more.

Do you have faith in the public?

Arun: Yeah, people often surprise you. Not everyone is Brexit-voting, Donald Trump voting or ignorant. People are actually really generous. I’ve done charity stuff in the past and often the people who have the least and come from the hardest backgrounds are the ones who give the most, because they know what it’s like. It is astonishing what people will do for charity.

Lii: Not being naiive, there will be dicks.

Well, we hope they’re not all horrible! Good luck guys!

You can follow the team on their adventure by following our live-blog starting 19th November. You can also donate to the team here:


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