Stressed? Let Selasi Soothe Your Soul with His Top Chill Out Tips


The Stag’s is kitted out in pink lighting and flamingo-based props in anticipation for the promotional opening night of Flamingo. Plenty of students have posed with the pink bird on the Redbrick this week, upping the ante for the brand new club night. Since the announcement of special guest star Selasi, favourite on-screen sweetheart from this year’s Great British Bake Off, it is safe to say excitement for Flamingo was taken up a notch… We managed to steal a few words with the one and only Selasi Gbormittah tonight.

Before the scheduled interview, the first point of contact with Selasi was a characteristically cheesy grin from behind a door. We knew it was him. It could only be him.

Slung casually over a chair with a flatcap positioned nonchalantly on his crown, Selasi welcomes us media journos into the room.

“Hey Selasi! What do you think of Southampton?”

He tells us he lived here briefly and it’s a good night out. His favourite club is Buddha Lounge, in Bedford Place. But of course, he laments, the best nights out are in Nottingham, his university town.

“What are your top tips for students under pressure- How do you stay relaxed?”

Perhaps it was unfair to ask this question. Someone who is at the epitome of relaxed by default surely never has to second guess how and why they achieved such inner peace. He tells us, simply, to “Just relax.”

Sensing this explanation was not the most elaborate, he expands. He suggests we take things bit by bit. Using an example of an assignment, he tells us not to think of it as an assignment but, as an Introduction, Body, Conclusion etc.

“Don’t take things too seriously.” He advises.

Selasi then goes on to recommend a balance between work and play, and suggests using hobbies you enjoy as an outlet for the stress of work, university, and the like.

“Erm, Selasi how are you getting back to London?” Asks an unidentified companion in the room.

He responds with a gentle shrug and a slight grin. This, it can be argued, is the quintessence of our Selasi. The ease at which he takes life on his stride is possibly a lesson we can all learn. After all, he’s made it this far right?

He tells us:

“Life goes on.”

Quite, Selasi. 

Credit: Farihah Choudhury
Credit: Farihah Choudhury

Sub-editor 2017/18. Third year Biology with Linguistics student. Interested particularly in global health, genetics and nutrition. Very disposed towards writing about things that haven't quite been explained yet.

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