Can Long Distance Relationships Work?


Long distance relationships tend to have a really bad reputation attached to them. It’s a common perception that they can’t possibly work, and yes, these doubts don’t come without their fair share of reasoning. Spending so much time apart from your other half can be extremely difficult. It is a real test of what you are made of and it can quite understandably be the breaking point for many couples. So with all this negative attachment to the long distance label, it might leave you wondering if there is really any hope at succeeding. But I’m here to say that all hope is not lost, there are way to make a long distance relationship flourish!


This is a must in any relationship. It is a dead end if you are with someone you can’t trust. But it’s even more significant for long distance relationship because you have to constantly trust that despite your absence, your partner is behaving themselves and would not jeopardise what you have. Trust is easy when you are with the right person because they will never give you a reason to feel like you can’t trust them, which is a really positive start. The trust doesn’t just vanish because of the distance, if it’s there to begin with then it will always see you through, even in the toughest of times.

Are you happy?

If your other half makes you far happier than anyone else, then the distance should not be a valid reason to call it quits. Don’t go for something half-hearted if you’ve got the real thing available. Even if they’re not right next to you all the time, take what you can get and run with it.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Stay connected

It is far harder to keep that personal connection alive when you have to be apart. But the good news is that it’s 2016 and all that technology avaliable means there are numerous ways to keep in touch and keep your long distance partner a part of your everyday life! Tell each other all the boring parts; what you dreamed of last night, what you’re having for tea that evening or just how much your lecture dragged. Include them as you would if they were right there with you. By putting in this extra effort and adding details to the conversation it keeps the communication alive and provides a daily reminder that you both still want the other person to feel like they are important to your life even when they aren’t around.

Make plans

Don’t let it get to a point where you haven’t planned for the next time you’ll be seeing each other. It is essential to have an end date to the distance as it gives you both something to look forward to. But most importantly, it shows that your relationship is moving forward and that you’re not going to just fall off the map or fizzle out.

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

Don’t listen to the haters

Stop letting common perception and other people’s judgement fill you with doubt. No one else can decide what is right for you, but you. So if you both want it to work, are willing to put in the effort and make the most of what you’ve got, then hell yeah it will work. Don’t lose your determination because of what other people think. Who cares?

Lastly you have to ask yourself: Is it worth it?

When you visit each other and spend that much needed quality time together, is it everything you want and more? And does it leave you feeling that all that time spent missing them is absolutely worth what you have got when you are together? Because if your biggest problem in a relationship is the feeling of missing the other person too much, then you can be quite certain you are onto something golden. So treasure it.

Credit: Flickr
Credit: Flickr

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