The Importance of Company


As we near the festive period, we prepare for the chaos that comes with cooking that five course meal for your entire family, or queuing for what may seem like hours on Christmas Eve to get those last, all important socks you forgot to buy for your dad. But forget the camaraderie for a minute, and take a look at the people you spend your day with…

Whether it’s your family, or your best friends, it’s important that you surround yourselves with the ones you love during this period. So often we forget that, actually, it’s not the overly indulgent food or the millions of presents that make the day, or even the season. This winter, remember the value of friendship and how those who love you can make your Christmas holidays just that much better. Whether this means reuniting with old school friends you haven’t seen in a year, going back into you work routine and catching up on all of the gossip you’ve missed over that past few months or even having those people, who may as well be family, come over and share a little celebration with you.

Christmas decorations adorn shelves already, mince pies are making subtle appearances in the bakery section of Sainsbury’s and there is an overload of Christmas deals and sales. Often we seem to get sucked into the bright lights of House of Fraser, blinding us to the extortionate prices, and freely handing over money we later regret not saving. But, you forget about those two hour queues and the wrestling matches you find yourself in when you’re surrounded by loved ones. Yes, we can freely admit that presents are an exciting part of the day, with the novelty of unwrapping wearing off as you get older, but, it’s not the be all and end all of the day.

It’s the small things that really count. Sitting around the TV watching that intense EastEnders Christmas Special. Or all chipping in to prepare the Christmas dinner; the wrapping of the pigs in blankets, peeling the veg, and making that all important gravy.

The Christmas season is one that brings people together. Those you see often and those you see maybe once or twice a year. No one can pinpoint what it is that draws people together, or makes people want to celebrate. It’s almost as if Christmas’ timing allows everyone to end their year in their own celebratory style.

So, we’re not saying forget the camaraderie that leads up to Christmas, because it is certainly not avoidable, no matter how much we try to substitute online shopping for the hustle and bustle of the high street, but just remember where and who you’ll be with on the day, whether you’re spending the annual holiday in another country skiing, or sat around your living room with those closest to you. Just remember that it’s not all about the material content of the day, but the memories you make and share with your company.


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