Breakthrough for Gingers: Redhead Emoji on the Way?


Gingers everywhere unite! The time has come – the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Say hello to redhead emoji’s (well, hopefully)!

Last week, Silicon Valley executives are said to be discussing the introduction of a redhead emoji to our phones and computers. Yes, that’s right- a redhead emoji. Apple will be holding a Unicode Technical Committee meeting, after there has been extensive campaigning on social media for a redhead emoji.

According to founder of Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge, the lack of a redhead character has been the most frequent complaint from users in the past three months.

This is one of the options being considered. Credit: Emojipedia

We have seen emoji’s become far more diverse in recent years with the introduction of a variety of skin tones and hair colours, different occupations, and even emojis that show a socially modern family- with two mums, or two dads. But still, ginger hair is nowhere to be seen on any of these emojis! As the updates constantly change both style and colour of emojis, diversity seems to be ever-increasing. While we only make up 1-2% of the population, an online petition started in Scotland has collected over 20,000 signatures. So we could be moving in the right direction!

Though we may have to wait until 2018, this is progress for us gingers. We have a hard enough time as it is! So keep your eyes peeled!


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