Housing Help: A Checklist


Finding a house to rent can be a nightmare, with everybody having different priorities and needs. There are so many different houses available; which have different pros and cons. But, there are a few basic things to check out when you’re viewing houses: 
Before you go to view potential houses, sit down with your future housemates and discuss what your priorities are – is it location, size of rooms, cleanliness, price? What are the things that people are willing to compromise on? This will make house viewings a lot smoother and make it easier to rule out houses.
When you go to view each house, take pictures of all the rooms as you’ll want to be able to look back at them!
So here’s a checklist of all the things that you ideally want to look at, and prioritise with your future housemates:
Hope it all goes well! And remember if you’re not sure what to do, see the Advice Centre and SUSU Lettings on campus, both are happy to help and very knowledgeable.

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