Sexual Consent and Awareness Week


So whilst we all recover from our stressful exam period, a group of students have been planning a special and thought-provoking week for us. From tomorrow, the 13th February to 17th February, we’re bringing you the first Sexual Consent and Awareness Week. With a whole host of workshops, talks and activities through-out the week, both at the university and elsewhere, we looking forward to enjoying ourselves whilst raising awareness at the same time.

Our aim is to tackle to the issues of consent, sexual harassment and rape within Southampton – Southampton Sexual Consent and Awareness

The group are aiming to debunking the myths surrounding the issue, and to provide information for ourselves and those around us. We have to understand that the issue of sexual consent isn’t just confined to the university, or Southampton itself. The following week’s activities, which are being supported by many of the clubs and societies, local taxi companies, as well as some of our nightclubs and charities. SCA are hoping that the events put on for those of us, will raise awareness of these issues, and to tackle an issue that has been brushed aside by many.

The week’s events are as follows:


  • SCA invite people to contribute to an installation on the Concourse about sexual consent. They want to hear about your thoughts surrounding the issues. They want to start a conversation about issues surrounding sexual awareness, and how we can help improve that.


  • Traffic Light Party at 90 Degrees, Tokyo and Orange Rooms (Special Event for Valentine’s Day)


  • Sexpression Mythbust- what is consent? What constitutes it? SCA are inviting people to get involved to find out everything you need to know about what constitutes sexual consent.
  • Consent and Sexual Violence Awareness Workshop


  • Screening of the Hunting Ground at Union films
  • Karaoke at Stag’s raising money for charity!
  • Working with local Taxi company, Radio Taxis, and the Union Safety Bus, they aim to make people aware about how we as stuendtns can use these facilities safely on nights out.
  • Surge Radio Broadcast on the Redbrick


  • Performing Arts Day on the Redbrick and Concourse
  • Sobar Traffic Light Party
  • Surge Radio Broadcast on the Redbrick

With these events held both in and outside of the university, Southampton Sexual Consent and Awareness hope to expand your knowledge about these issues. With plenty of discussion and participation from students, they hope to make these concerns more approachable, so people are not afraid to share with others. So whether you join the movement in person or by screen, participation from everyone will not go unappreciated.

So as a final note from SCA, they encourage anyone and everyone to get involved. The completely student led movement encourages as many of you as possible to get engaged and involved, no matter how you choose to participate. SCA look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.


For more information on the issues being discussed, you can find the events and group below:

Sexual Consent and Awareness Week-

Amnesty International Consent and Sexual Violence Workshop-

Southampton Sexual Consent and Awareness-


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