Junk Presents: Art’s House


At the being of the academic year, I’m sure we can remember, Junk was in a state of limbo. We didn’t know whether it was staying or going. But after a petition to keep Junk open, and the realisation that the venue itself was not at fault, it remained open. Much to the happiness of Southampton’s student population. And now six months down the line, Junk has cemented its place back on Southampton’s nightlife scene. Last week, they brought us Artwork Presents Art’s House.

Junk have been bringing us a whole variety of events in and out every week. And last week was no exception. After doing a long summer stint in London and Ibiza last year, the tour has started to move around the country, with Junk being picked as one of its venues. Not knowing what to expect from the night was what made it even better. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, and neither was anyone else.

Image: Art’s House, Junk. Credit: Junk Club, Southampton

I guess you could call it a house party…literally. To add to the already buzzing atmosphere Junk was producing, it was decked out like a house. Art’s house to be exact. Forget the disco ball dangling over the your head on the dancefloor. The place was kitted out with sofas, and some very fitting matching floral curtains and wallpaper. Yes, they brought their own walls to decorate. But that was just what made the event that little bit more homely. I mean you even saw the occasional person drinking out of a teacup. I know… bizarre. You were meant to be brought out of your standard night out and into Art’s home. And it worked. In any other places those curtains would’ve looked a bit out of place, but not here. As mismatched as it seemed, everything went together perfectly. The music, the atmosphere.

With the set lasting all night, you couldn’t miss the recognisable disco throwbacks that made the crowd shriek with excitement. His set seemed to cater to anything and everything. Moving from disco, house and techno. The variety of music played that night meant that everyone could enjoy a taste of something. You could only describe Art’s set as something that literally kept everyone moving until four in the morning. You wanted to stay and see what was going to be played next. The set was ecstatic, as you could tell by the packed out dancefloor, each and every person exhilarated. You had fun, and I think everyone who went is in agreement, that’s exactly what it did. It made you have fun. You couldn’t help yourself. And that’s exactly what a night out should do. No pretentiousness, just pure enjoyment. The beat could pick up anyone’s mood, whether you decided to leave a little early or you stayed until the late hours of the night. Or morning, whatever you prefer. The compilation of music produced that night just showed how one person can take control over an entire crowd, and make them forget their typical student woes. You could feel the elation throughout the club.

Image: Art’s House, Junk. Credit: Junk Club, Southampton

With the success of Art’s House, who is currently still touring the country, Junk made the statement, that meant that its clearly here to stay. The club can bask in its glory, as it plans to bring more events to the city for your enjoyment. Trust me, they certainly won’t disappoint.




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