The Homeless Period


Periods are tough, but if you’re a homeless woman, it can be even tougher. The Homeless Period is a campaign set up by Kirsty Bates, with the aim to provide homeless and disadvantaged women in the area of Southampton with sanitary products such as tampons, sanitary towels, underwear and hygiene wipes in care packages, to make that time of the month a whole lot easier. 

Sanitary products are something many people take for granted, but what would it be like if they were taken away? Menstruation is a taboo topic at the best of times, but it needs to be talked about; especially for homeless women.

Kirsty was born in Southampton and is currently living in Winchester. She noticed the huge homelessness issue in the area and decided she wanted to help in whatever way she could, to attempt to solve this problem. She has worked for YMCA Southampton and has been involved in the recent ‘Sleep Out’ that took place last month, to support vulnerable teenagers and young adults in the local area. She got the idea for The Homeless Period after following a similar campaign taking place in Birmingham, and wanted to do the same here in Southampton.

The campaign was only launched last Thursday, but already has received an overwhelming number of responses from individuals and companies willing to take part; including donations from LUSH Ltd.’s HQ in Dorset. Bates is currently working on building a team of eager volunteers who can organise the donations into care packages to send to YMCA Southampton,  NoLimits Advice Centre and Trinity Winchester; which are the three charities they are currently looking to support. She is also arranging donation drop off locations around Southampton and Winchester and is using Facebook to communicate with any willing volunteers.

If you are interested and want to get involved:

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Perhaps you or a society you’re involved with wants to organise a donation drop off box at the university? Or if you have any more questions about the campaign, email:



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