New Pret A Manger on Highfield Campus Helping the Homeless


As most students will have noticed by now, a new Pret A Manger has recently opened right next to Highfield Campus, on Burgess Road. But what you may not know is the extent of the food chain’s charitable involvement.

Alongside the exciting new seasonal menu, the conveniently placed new Pret will offer organic coffee and free WiFi to its customers. The opening of the shop has also created more than 20 jobs.

Greg Gorecki, General Manager of the Burgess Road Pret said, “We can’t wait to welcome everyone through the doors and get to know our local community.”

The new shop will also work with three local homeless charities to continue Pret A Manger’s national charity involvement that it already undertakes with its other 400 shops. Given the homelessness crisis Southampton is experiencing, this is welcome news!

Pret’s full range of fresh food is handmade in each shop kitchen every day and never kept overnight. Every evening, all unsold food is donated to local charities supporting the homeless in an effort to help tackle the pressing issue of homelessness that plagues the country. Last year alone, Pret donated over 3 million food items across the UK!

“Pret has been donating unsold food to Majesty House, City Life Church and the Community Cafe Church from our shop in West Quay Shopping Centre for many years now. With the opening of this shop, we look forward to being able to extend our support of these organisations even further” commented Gorecki.

Pret a Manger are setting a fantastic example and other similar establishments should take note.

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