Southampton’s Dissertation Photos: The Official Ranking


The dissertations are in and final years are busy uploading their hand-in photos: it’s a rite of passage. But, the same image pops up time and time again: Someone holding up their dissertation in front of Hartley and grinning, or a selfie, usually combined with a caption addressing how many sleepless nights they had. You know the type. However, some dissertation photos are ACTUALLY quite imaginative. So, this is your official ranking of all the dissertation photos from 2016-17. Here we go…

6. A really well-timed photo. Impressive! Definitely the best jumping dissertation pic we saw on Instagram. But it doesn’t quite cut it to the top.

Thesis finally submitted 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽#universityofsouthampton #phdthesis

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5. Boomerang bum wiggle. Check out those hashtags.

4. Sassy Boomerang teamed with an excellent pun.

handed in the dissertation, hope it's not disso-pointing #byebuilding58

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3. The acrobatic approach. Are you a Vixen by any chance?

Splits & Diss📝✅🎉

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2. About to drop the hottest dissertation of 2017.

#Diss goes out to all my fans

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  1. The icing on the cake.

Screw dissertations… literally 😂#Furzedown #comfortablewithoursexuality

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