Manchester’s Homeless Hero Rewarded For His Selfless Actions


Homeless man, Steve Jones, was sleeping near Manchester Arena on the night of the attack. When he heard the screams of people in need he rushed towards the scene, not knowing what disaster would await him there.

He gave accounts of “pulling nails out of children’s faces” and trying to hold a woman upside down to stop blood loss. His selfless actions that night gained attention from thousands online and on social media, and many justgiving pages were set up to donate money in order to help Steve get off the streets, most of which exceeded their targets by the thousands. Steve also caught the attention of West Ham co-owner David Sullivan and his son, who have offered to pay Steve’s rent for six months saying, “such a selfless act needs rewarding, we need more people like you in this world”. 

Of course there were countless people that night who put aside their commitments and priorities and dropped everything to help those in need, but what struck people the most is how someone who has nothing, can give everything to those that may not give anything to him. A horrific event such as this is a time where people join together as a community, and the homeless are also part of this community. It’s so amazing to see someone like Steve be given another chance at life.

Upon hearing people’s comments and kind words to him, and what Sullivan and his son were proposing he said this;

“The donations, there was no need to – just the kind words and the acknowledgement was good enough for me… even if you saw me in the street and took me for a coffee that would have even been good enough for me.”

You heard it from the man himself, even just a kind word and a cup of coffee goes a long way to make someone’s day. Were all human, we all care about others, just because someone is homeless does not make them any less of a person. Let’s hope some good can come out of this tragic event, and we can come together even stronger as a society and give homeless people the recognition they deserve as a human being.

Credit: ITV News

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