In Review: Common People Food Stalls


In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of gourmet street food – gone are the days of burger vans selling grease laden fast food. This new type of street food is Instagram-worthy and packed with flavour. Festivals are often notorious for over-priced fast food that just isn’t worth the money. Common People was a whole new story, with food stalls offering an eclectic mix of food – there’s wasn’t a soggy sad burger in sight!

Peering at the map as we entered the festival, we worked out there were 21 food stalls at Common People this year. Despite us being very hungry, this was a few too many meals for one afternoon! So, thinking on our feet we devised a quick rating guide of all of the stalls. We marked out of 5 for –

  • Appearance – How attractive did the stall look?
  • Smell – How good did the food smell?
  • Crowds – How popular was this stall?
  • Innovation – How different/interesting was the food on offer?

With these criteria in mind, it was was time to start searching out the best food stall of Common People 2017! Here are all the stalls that we stumbled across –

Firstly, a special mention to Bunnyman Bunnychow for their beautiful chalkboard mentioning Wessex Scene’s review from last year, who we said was –

“without a doubt the best festival food we’ve ever had”


Nachos from Flaming Cactus

And the TOP 5 food stalls at Common People 2017 were –

5) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – 15/20

4) Pad Thai – 16/20

3) Barnaby Skyes Pie Maker – 16.5/20

2) Pasta Pizza -17/20

And the WINNER is – Flaming Cactus with 19/20!


Flaming Cactus had the longest queue by far, probably due to the magnificent smells that were coming from the stall. What we liked best was that they took simple Mexican food and made is show stopping, with a range of toppings and levels of spiciness to suit everyone’s taste. Even more, all the food was freshly made on the day!

So, there you have it the best food stalls at Common People 2017 – bring on next year!


All image credits to Nuala McBride.


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