The Most Caffeine Addicted Careers


A survey conducted by Pressat in 2014 revealed which UK professions rely heaviest on the magical powers of coffee to make it through their day. Out of the 10,000 professionals who were surveyed, a whopping 85% said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day and a shocking 70% stated they felt their ability to work would fall without the assistance of caffeine.

Other than suggesting we’re a very caffeine wired society in general, the survey did disclose which professions were most likely to take their coffee consumption to a whole new level.

Some of these may or may not surprise you…

10) Drivers

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Initially I was a little shocked that drivers made it onto the list, maybe because my weak bladder can’t handle liquid consumption for any journey longer than 20 minutes. But I suppose all those long hours driving up and down the country at any odd hour of the day makes sense as to why coffee is a must.

9) Retail Staff

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I can speak from experience on this one. After dealing with annoying or agitated customers you find yourself craving a little cup of joe to de-stress from the situation.

8) IT Technical Support

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Well judging from the IT Crowd I guess finding time for coffee wouldn’t be too difficult between telling people to switch their computers off and on again. I joke of course, like many desk jobs, it’s no surprise hot drinks are an essential to get through the long hours of staring at a screen.

7) Telesales

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I guess that’s a massive bonus of not having face to face contact with customers, you can sip on coffee all day.

6) Company Executives 

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Mr/Mrs Big Shot is nothing without caffeine. I guess the stress of running an entire company has its knock-on effect that they take out on the coffee machine.

5) Nurses and Medical Staff

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Well… I guess there’s probably no clear explanation as to why the medical profession comes 5th on the list. But I guess a shot in the dark could be the whole under-funded NHS thing causing them to work excessively long hours, and then not giving them enough support to provide care to those who need it. Maybe, just maybe, that’s the underlining cause of why our nurses and doctors are struggling to get through their days without the aid of caffeine.

4) Plumbers and Trade Workers

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I mean if you don’t offer plumbers and trade workers unlimited access to your kettle whilst they are doing work on your house, are you even British?

3) Teachers

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Hmmm…do I repeat number 5 with the whole Government under-funding rant or do we get the picture? I guess shaping the minds of the future generation is a tad stressful and difficult without the support and facilities needed; who would have thought it?

2) Police Officers

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Well of course! You can’t have donuts without coffee, (Awful stereotype I know…) But yes according to the survey, our hardworking police force rely on caffeine extensively to uphold the law and keep us all protected.

1) Journalists and Media Staff

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SHOCKING! Journalists are number one? Why on Earth would that be the case? All they do is keep up with the news 24 hours a day, sleep with their phones/laptops and follow a million different leads at the same time – Shambles!

*1) Students

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However, despite what the survey results say, I think we all know the real number one is being a student. It is almost impossible to make it through your degrees without excessive caffeine consumption.

Thank god for coffee and lots of it!


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