Bitesize Happiness: A Graduation Proposal


Among the joy and happiness of this years, 2017 graduation summer ceremonies, there was one particular moment that topped them all. 

On the afternoon of Tuesday 25th, MEng Software Engineer student, Thomas Aley, proposed to his girlfriend, Charlotte.

Credit; University of Southampton

In response to the question, why did you believe graduation was the perfect place to propose? Thomas replied,

“It was the perfect place to propose because Charlotte has been with me since my university journey started five years ago. She has only ever known me as a student and has supported me throughout. She said to me numerous times in the build up to graduation, “This is your day, I’m so proud of you” but I wanted it to be our day as it would not of happened without her! As an added bonus, our families were there which made the moment even more special and also meant mum could video it!”

Here at Wessex Scene, we wish them a long and happy marriage and all the best of luck in the future.

Below you can watch the couple’s special moment:


Video Credit: Nicola Aley

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