What Do Students Really Spend Their Cash On?


Popular student discount site, UNiDAYS, polled 3,000 student members to find out what students really spend their money on, and analysed the cost of these purchases to reveal the university towns that are the best and worst value for money, according to what items students value the most.  

Coming out on top is the classic chicken korma curry accompanied with a naan bread, with a huge 61% of students surveyed reporting having spent their money on one at least monthly. Second is cult favourite with seshers across the country, cheesy chips. Apparently, the cheapest town for a portion of cheesy chips is Leeds at a bargain price of £1.80. Southampton students pay over double that for the same, at an eye-watering average of £4. Nothing can beat chick-o-land cheesy chips after a night out at Jesters though, right?

A 12″ margarita pizza, 3 mile Uber journey, a latte, a glass of rose (we don’t help the millennial stereotype do we?), Wednesday night club entry, a pint of lager and surprisingly spin classes and spray tans also made it onto the top 10 list. UNiDAYS then worked out the cheapest and most expensive places to buy all ten of these items and revealed the best and worst value for money university locations.



Cost of all ten items

Leicester £50.11
Birmingham £50.94
Lancaster £51.15
Edinburgh £54.90
Coventry £56.84
Hull £57.20
Plymouth £58.05
Swansea £59.59
Belfast £59.85



City Cost of all ten items
London £91.90
Bath £80.65
Oxford £74.93
Exeter £71.42
Southampton £71.04
Glasgow £70.40
Manchester £69.45
Brighton £68.14
Norwich £68.00
Durham £67.90

Edinburgh has one of the highest club entry prices whereas Derby you can walk in mid-week for free! What’s that about?! Unsurprisingly, London is the most expensive city for students, with all 10 items cashing in at around £91.90. Closely followed by Bath, Oxford, and Exeter, with Southampton being the fourth worst value for money.

Anyone up for relocating to Leicester then?



Features Editor 2017/18, Sub-Editor 2018/2019, BA English Student.

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