Bestival 2017: Site & Atmosphere Review


Bestival 2017 was held in Lulworth Estate in Dorset and featured a lineup of acts such as The XX, Pet Shop Boys and Dizzee Rascal. Since its naissance in 2004, it has been held at Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight, but only this year the decision was made to move it to Lulworth. How does the atmosphere shape up on the new host site?

All the characteristic figures and signs that are unique to Bestival went up last weekend and made frequent-attendees feel right at home on the new site. Furthermore, they had a huge #HappyKanye float with a rainbow surrounding him in the middle of the arena, as well as a huge bouncy castle, a neon multi-coloured Lulworth Castle as well the alluring green lights of Ambient Forest.

The site was quite easy to navigate after a few trips, and there are food stalls, bins, and portaloos virtually wherever you turn so you’re never too far from anything you might need or want! There were security and stewards on hand everywhere too, as well as plenty of welfare tents, so you always felt safe. Although it was the first year on the new site, stewards were very well-informed and knew where to direct those who needed it.

Rob Da Bank and the other organisers have clearly made a huge effort to continue the legacy of Bestival in 2017 by maintaining some of the old, distinctive Bestival symbols, as well as incorporating new, fun features to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Despite the poor weather conditions, organisers did everything they could to ensure everyone was happy. Here’s to next year!

Credit: Farihah Choudhury
Credit: Farihah Choudhury
Credit: Farihah Choudhury
Credit: Farihah Choudhury


Credit: Charles Music via Instagram


Credit: Farihah Choudhury


Credit: Bestival via Instagram


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