Freshers Favourite Places In Southampton


Wessex Scene asked this years Fresher’s where their favourite location’s in Southampton city are. From clubs to bars, this is where our Fresher’s most enjoyed visiting:

1)Gita, Bio-Med, Seyi, Psychology

In true freshers spirit, they rated sobar because of the cheap drinks.

2) Jake, George and Catherine

For a similar reason as above, these freshers love the Bevois strip and all these clubs have to offer.

3) Dan, Law

Onto a more classier side of life, Dan recommended heading into the city centre to enjoy Limone, a wine bar. He even gave us a special tip, which is to try the Chilean Sav Blanc – fancy!

4) Baskar, Engineering and Hamza, History

These fresher’s really enjoyed Tokyo on Bedford place, they said it was had good music and atmosphere.

5)Julia and Dan, Psychology

Routing for the nightclub open the latest in Southampton, Julia and Dan said The Edge was their favourite place so far.

6)Beth, Bio-Chem and Sophie, Business Management

Again these girls were very taken with Bedford Place after this weeks Bloc-Party. Out of all the clubs however, it was Orange Rooms that topped the list.

7) Sydney, Sociology and Sewa, Medicine

Probably the furthest away from University and most halls, but Switch has also been brought up by our freshers as a great place to go on a night out – it’s worth the trek so long as you stop for chicken or cheesy chips on the way home.

8) Harry and Peter, Marketing

These guys went straight for the heart of the University, stating that their favourite place so far has been the lovely Highfield Campus. I know that might sound a little odd, but when you think about all the cafes, diners and pubs available to us here, the campus is a little bit like a cute village of its own.

All image credit to Wessex Scene


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