Most Anticipated Societies at Bunfight


We’ve been talking to the Bunfight attendees today to find out which societies they were particularly interested in joining and why. Here’s what they said:

1) Etienn, Electronics (1st year)

Etienn is most looking forward to joining the Rugby society, this is his first time at University and he thinks being apart of the rugby society will be a lot of fun. He also plays rugby at a club level so he could become a very valuable asset to the team.

2) Sian, Geography (3rd year)

Sian is a third year student whose decided that it’s never too late to try something new. Yoga society sounds appealing to Sian because it could be a perfect way to unwind from the stress of lectures and her impending dissertation.

3) Jason, Electrical Engineering (Foundation year)

Jason wants to get involved in German Society at this years Bunfight after visiting the country multiple times and becoming interested in the culture. He’s hoping this extra-curricular will teach him an additional language that could be useful later in life especially if he chooses to travel.

4)Daniel, Geography (2nd year) and Ryan, Aerospace Engineering (2nd year)

Daniel and Ryan have shown up today to find out more about the mountaineering and squash societies. Perhaps not the most common of sport societies but these still have some valuable skills to offer and it’ll be a perfect way for these two to have an outlet for any stress of lectures and deadlines now that second year ‘actually counts’.

5) Charlotte and Sheaba, Medicine (1st years)

These girls are kicking their university experience off right by getting involved with the biggest society on campus, MedSoc. It’s always a bonus to get involved in your subjects societies because you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people who share your interests. Plus making friends on your subject is an essential part to staying sane when the deadlines start approaching.

6)Charlotte, Physics (1st year)

Charlotte’s excited to get involved with sailing society after getting involved with a trial day, she’s now found a passion for the seas and wants to make the most of her time here on the South coast.

7)Harvir, Mechanical Engineering (1st year)


Harvir wants to try out martial arts society this year. Martial arts are something he’s always had an interest in and so he’s happy that he can now peruse it at University and can’t wait to talk to the society members today.

8) Adam, Computing (1st year)

On the line into the union we caught up with Adam who told us that he’s very keen to find out more about Jazz Band society, he says it sounds fun and it’s something he could see himself really enjoying.

9)Nuriye and Anna, Medicine, (1st year)

Nuriye and Anna aren’t the timid type and they’ve seen Bunfight as an opportunity to throw themselves into something new and exciting. They both think diving society would be great to join because it’ll teach them something entirely new and they want to make the most of these opportunities whilst they are here in Southampton.

10)Alex, Business Management (3rd year), Matt, Engineering (4th year), Kieran, Biology (4th year)

Even though Alex and Matt are not Biology students, they’re friendship with Kieran has made them keen to be apart of BioSoc Football team. Clearly showing that they already have the team spirit needed for the society if they’re happy to come along and get involved for their buddy.

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