Obscure Societies You Might Have Missed At Bunfight


So much going on at Bunfight, it’s hard to get around everything. Have no fear though, Wessex Scene have brought to you a recap of the societies you may have overlooked. 

1) Anime and Manga Society

SAMS meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm in 46/2003 so come and join in if you’re a keen drawer of manga or watcher of anime, this will be the perfect place to discuss your niche interest and maybe even find some great reccomendations for other shows.

2) University of Southampton Astronomy Society

Have you ever thought about taking star gazing to a whole new level? I mean who isn’t fascinated by space and what lies beyond our little planet. If you join Astronomy society, you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge, the society members are more than happy to help any newcomer get to grips with the technology. The society meets every Monday at 8pm inside the SUSU building (42).

3) University of Southampton Buddhist Meditation Society

This society focuses entirely on meditation and relaxing, it is not a religious society and you don’t need to be a meditating expert to join. The sessions are guided step by step so you won’t struggle with taking part. The annual membership for the society is £15 or there’s a pay as you go option if you don’t want to commit which is only £1 per session and can be paid of the door.

4) Southampton Folk Society

Whether you’re interested in folk music or dance, this society would be perfect for you. It’s an opportunity to express a little creativity and showcase your theatrical talents. The society meets at every Monday at 7-9pm in 2/3041 and 9-11pm in The Stile.

5) Southampton Hydro Team

Soton Hydro team are a competitive engineering society that aim to build and race an electrically-powered boat during the Hydrocontest 2017. The group hope to advance their own understanding of boat mechanics and try to find new and innovative ways to improve upon maritime challenges. If this is something you would be keen to get involved in they like and follow them on social media to find out more.

6) Southampton University Trampoline Club

Trampoline society welcome everyone, you can join in at every level and do as much or as little as you want. There’s no better way to get pass the stress of lectures than bouncing till your hearts content. The society meet three times a week, Wednesday 8-10, Friday 5-6:30 and Saturday 2:30 -4:30.

7) Pottery Society

Perhaps pottery isn’t something you’ve tried your hand at before, so why not give it a go now? Who knows you might find a new hobby that could last a lifetime. The society meet Thursday at Cantell Maths and Computing College 7-9pm (next to Glen Eyre and Hartley Grove halls). Before turning up however you should email potsoc@soton.ac.uk to confirm your place, you also must purchase your membership in person on the 19th October if you want to be apart of the society for the year.

8) Football Beyond Borders

This charity society is definitely one to consider joining, for those who enjoy football, it’s a mixture of doing something really good whilst playing a sport you love.  The society engages with young people in the local community via mentoring and football coaching, which means you can get some valuable skills for CV as well.


This is a society that welcomes individuality and expression of your true self. They try to educate and encourage acceptance and appreciation of everyone.


Mexican Society aims to celebrate the culture of Mexico, which includes: the people, the food, the films, the arts, the literature, the music and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about Mexican culture and showing appreciate then this is a perfect society to get involved with.


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