Flashback to Freshers’ Ball 2016


Walking down to campus from halls along with the glitzy masses of first years, I was ready for the iconic night of the Freshers’ Calendar every year – The one and only, Freshers Ball. 

Whilst waiting in the queue to get into the union, I could already see the staff had gone full out in the decor. The whole building looked so pretty adorned in fairy lights, and loud music. There was a non-stop rumble of excited chatter and laughter that came from the other side of the barrier and I couldn’t wait to get inside. It felt a bit like a classy festival, if that’s even possible. Food stalls selling hot food and candy floss with fairground rides, shisha lounges and even a gin garden to sit down for a classy tipple with your new flatmates. Inside was the bar, and The Cube where people eagerly waited around early to get in and see Sigma.

Credit: Amy Picknell
Credit: Amy Picknell










It really was an event different to every other Freshers’ event I’d been to that week. Boys wandering around in suits and the girls all dressed to the stars in their high heels. The whole evening felt very surreal seeing how everyone washed up, which as you can imagine is a far cry from the classic Jester’s experience I’d been subjected to previously.

It was a breath of fresh air to have such a variety of things to do and see rather than just another traditional clubbing night. You had the time and space to chat to fellow fresher’s and make new friends, and also enjoy watching your mates drunkenly get on a fairground ride not really understanding what they signed up for! You don’t have to worry too much about getting home since you can walk home if your halls are close enough or just get a cheap taxi since you’re never short of finding someone from the same halls as you. An added bonus of the night is it’s probably the only time you can snap a pic at the Union and it be super instagrammable to make all your home friends at other universities a little envious.

If you want to see more of freshers ball, why not watch the SUSUtv video from last year?


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