Highlight of The Night – Freshers’ Ball 2017


With so much going on last night at freshers’ ball including, fairground rides, burger trucks, shisha pipes and a bouncy castle to name a few, it was hard for us to decide what our favourite part of the night was. Here at Wessex Scene, we wanted to find out what our fresher’s highlight of the night was and this is what they said: 


Everyone loved the fairground ride, the queues were manic but so worth it once you were on board. It is something for the thrill seeking freshers’, although you definitely shouldn’t mix this with a lot of alcohol because it won’t end well. One fresher we spoke to called Yasmine, said that the ride was the best part of the night but it was hard to stay inside the seat and she had to hang on for dear life.


Capital FM radio host and ex-JLS member stole the night for a lot of our attendees. The cube was packed out and the set-list went from banger to banger. Some freshers came specifically to see the man himself because they are big fans and Marvin lived up to expectations for everyone.


A lovely couple we met in the bridge called Maya and Tom, said the ball-pit had to be their highlight of the night. They cited the fact that it was so unexpected and different to anything they were used to and as a result it made the night extra special.

Personally we agreed that the ball-pit was a massive success, as you can see below we also had a blast:


The silent disco in the marquee was surprisingly popular, everyone we spoke to was singing its praises. The decor of hay bales, smoke machines and twinkle lights really tied the atmosphere together perfectly. When talking to first year student’s, Rebecca, Lauren and Hannah they said:

The music was really good because you can choose what you want to listen to. Plus it was really funny, cause your friend will be dancing in time to one song whilst you’re dancing to something entirely different.


Even the simplest of things can be a massive hit. Beer pong isn’t just a game for pres, and clearly from the response of fresher ball goers, the beer pong tables’ on the outskirt of the bridge was a great perk. After a game of this, you could then wander across to the ball pit or nip next door and have a good old bounce on the bouncy castle. We may all be trying to adult but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the more youthful things in life.


Headliner of the night, Becky Hill, got a lot of excitement and positive reactions from freshers. Instead of being in the cube, Becky Hill performed in Garden Court and although there are potential advantages and disadvantages to this, many freshers said they really enjoyed the intimacy of her set last night.

What was your highlight of the night? Let us know!

All photos are credited to Wessex Scene.


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