The Ultimate University of Southampton Freshers’ Bucket List


Being a fresher can be both exciting and nerve-racking; meeting new people, leaving home, and living a completely new life. So to help you settle in, we have devised the ultimate University of Southampton Freshers’ Bucket List to get you through the year and ensure you have the best time possible. Whether you complete it as a flat or feel like a challenge and want to complete it yourself, good luck and have an amazing year!

  1. Experience the Palace of Dreams we all call Jesters
  2. Have a £2 quad-vod on Sobar Tuesday
  3. Join a society
  4. Have a Jesticle
  5. Get on stage at The Stags karaoke
  6. Complete the 7-night challenge – booze every night of the week
  7. Go on a shopping spree at West Quay
  8. Pull an all-nighter
  9. Get thrown out of a club
  10. Do a club crawl around Bedford Place
  11. Prank your flat mates
  12. Get an Indian at Tariq Manzils
  13. Experience an AU sports social…
  14. Meet SUSU the cat
  15. Get the whole flat on a night out
  16. Take on the Fellowship Quest at The Hobbit
  17. Get wavy at Retro Jam at Junk
  18. Have a BBQ on Southampton Common
  19. Jump in the university pond
  20. Get blackout drunk
  21. End the night in the 5* Chick ‘o’ Land
  22. Realise your eyes are bigger than your stomach in Sprinkles
  23. Taste the Sprinkles rival, Scoops
  24. Experience Southampton’s very own Common People festival
  25. Down a drink
  26. Play never have I ever
  27. Explore the library drunk
  28. Cement your friendship in Jesters’ twobicle
  29. Host a banging pres
  30. Write an article for Wessex Scene or The Edge
  31. Wake up in another halls
  32. Go to a house party
  33. Take part in Jailbreak or Lost99
  34. Go on tour with a society
  35. Visit Winchester Christmas Market
  36. Support Southampton at Varsity
  37. Order a Text-a-Toastie from the Christian Union
  38. Visit the Isle of Wight
  39. Watch a film at the Union’s very own cinema
  40. Pig out in the Union Diner
  41. Go to a ball – Boat, AU, Subject, society, freshers’
  42. Pub crawl down Portswood
  43. Run the Southampton half-marathon
  44. Have a flat Christmas Dinner
  45. Get a Jesters’ Gold Card
  46. Visit the New Forest
  47. Go for a quiz and curry at The Bridge
  48. Play hide and seek in Ikea
  49. See the fireworks
  50. Switch Fridays are a must
  51. Café Parfait Thursdays also a must
  52. Meet someone who studies ‘football studies’ at Solent
  53. Cook a meal by yourself
  54. Have brunch at Trago Lounge
  55. Walk along the Marina quayside
  56. Go to a Halloween event
  57. Have cocktails at Turtle Bay
  58. Have cocktails on the rooftop of Vodka Revs
  59. Submit an essay minutes before its due
  60. Go to a lecture that has nothing to do with your degree
  61. Go to the Christmas lights switch-on
  62. Do the Centurion Challenge
  63. Get a free booth and bottle of vodka at Oceana
  64. Get Freshers flu…
  65. Be the last person in the club
  66. Don’t make it past pres
  67. Experience Jesters’ very own Baywatch
  68. Have a friend from home down to visit
  69. Do the walk of shame
  70. Have Dominos at 3am
  71. Take part in Pub Golf
  72. Go on a date
  73. Have a flat day out
  74. Actually go to the library to study
  75. Get a Jubilee gym membership
  76. Have a flat party
  77. Do the funnel
  78. Go to an alpaca farm
  79. Visit all three of Southampton’s Nandos
  80. Show your skills at Hollywood bowl
  81. Run for the bus
  82. Make friends with someone from Solent
  83. Try something new
  84. Drinks Pimms on campus in summer
  85. Get someone to buy you a drink
  86. Buy someone a drink
  87. Make a chunder chart
  88. Own a pair of ‘Jesters’ shoes’
  89. Have a lecture at the top of the Maths building
  90. Make friends with the taxi driver
  91. Cheer on The Saints at a football match
  92. Visit Southampton’s Town Walls
  93. Eat out at an Ocean Village restaurant
  94. Be initiated into a society
  95. Initiate a chant on the bus to the club
  96. Successfully walk down Sobar steps
  97. Successfully walk down Café Parfait steps
  98. Get a pint in Stags after your last exam
  99. Pass the year
  100. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, see if you’ve got what it takes to complete the ultimate University of Southampton bucket list! Enjoy!


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