Q&A: Introducing Your Union President – Flora Noble


An undergraduate degree was just the beginning for Flora; her involvement in societies, sports and halls committees, have all led her to the lead role of President at SUSU, the university’s student’s union, following a year as Vice-President for Student Communities. So when it comes to getting the full student experience at the University of Southampton, Flora Noble is somewhat of an authority.

Elected by the student body during the second semester of the last academic year, Flora now has responsibility for the running of the Union as it looks to deliver a positive, enriching student experience (although it is reputedly unable to reserve a booth for karaoke in The Stags every Thursday, but we live in hope).

She also heads up the team of Full-Time Sabbatical Officers – currently; Evie Reilly (Democracy and Creative Industries), Stephen Gore (Sport Development), Dan Varley (Engagement), Sam Higman (Welfare), Arun Aggarwal (Student Communities) and Samuel Dedman (Education).

The Union exists to represent the voice of the student body at the highest level to the university, as well as ultimately making your time in Southampton memorable and enjoyable!

This is achieved by providing opportunities in fields such as sustainability, charity, creative industries and the local community, support for students on a range of issues via the Advice Centre, the opportunity to get involved in Representation through annual elections and the AGM. As well as, of course, places to relax and unwind: The Stags pub, The Bridge, The Cafe, Bar Three and UnionFilms.

Wessex Scene sat down with our commander-in-chief to fill in some of the blanks for the latest wave of Freshers to land on the south coast.

WS: “So, to the untrained Fresher – who are you, and what do you do?”

FN: “So, I’m President of the Students’ Union, which basically means I oversee everything the Union does on a day-to-day basis and represent the student body to the university at the highest possible level.”

WS: “How is the relationship between having been a student here in Southampton, and now looking to make positive changes for the next intake of students?”

FN: “It’s really great, I get to see all the changes I would have liked as a student, and then implement them!”

WS: “What can Freshers look forward to from you and the Union next year?”

FN: “A Union that can support you for life – helping you evidence skills and celebrate all the amazing things you’ve done. Also, a lot of fun – I’m not known for taking myself too seriously!”

WS: “What facilities at the Union would you most like to draw Freshers’ attentions to?”

FN: “I would probably say UnionFilms – there aren’t many students’ unions that can say they have a commercial quality cinema.”

WS: “How has your start to the role been? Is it different to your previous Sabbatical role?”

FN: “It’s definitely at a higher level – I get to meet high-up members of university staff a lot, but I still get to be a part of an amazing Union with fantastic students!”

WS: “How is the dynamic among the new Full-Time Sabbatical Officers team?”

FN: “They’re fabulous! We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and I think we’re going to be a really great team!”

Students can contact Flora directly with any concerns or comments through her university email address at pres@soton.ac.uk


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