Susu the Cat: An Obituary


Known by nearly everyone who has attended Southampton University, Susu the cat was loved by many people – even if she was a bit grumpy about it sometimes.

She first appeared on campus in 2002. A stray cat, the porters took pity on her and gave her food scraps from the kitchen, and ever since she made Southampton University Students’ Union her home. Her preferred spot was by Bar 2, on the sofas (she regularly slept under them because she loved the heated floor), and when she was younger and the Cube was a regular nightclub she would sit by the till and greet everyone as they arrived.

Susu has had quite the history with us. Once she somehow got locked in the Cube, setting the alarms off, and she’s even got stuck behind Union Films before. 9 years ago, she was sadly attacked on campus and severely injured, but SUSU decided to foot her £400 vet bills. She even made national headlines in May 2016, after she was voted as SUSU’s honorary presidentThe Telegraph, BBC, The Independent, and Metro all picked up on the story. The day she was voted in, Ben Franklin, 2015-16 SUSU president, created a Twitter account (@SUSUPresicat) for her which many people delighted in tweeting and receiving responses from – kept anonymous until he graduated.

She was also a great source of comfort to everyone who met her: when certain members of media societies were disappointed with the Brexit result, she was there to comfort them.

She would take naps with people, as long as they weren’t invading her space of course!

She loved to curl up in her cat bed, and SUSU even got her a new one when hers was getting a bit old – the colour was voted on by students though, naturally.

She liked to mix things up sometimes, but only slightly.

She was a little grumpy, very sleepy, and loved a good cat yoghurt eaten off of her favourite saucer (she was also partial to a few Dreamies, and would be wide awake as soon as she heard the packet). RIP Susu, you will be missed so much.


Third year PAIR student and head of events. Also The Edge's live editor and 2016-17 opinion editor. Fan of cats, gigs and a tea lover - find me rambling about politics and cats @_Carly_May on Twitter.

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