Hauntings in Southampton


Now personally, I’m a skeptic and don’t believe in the paranormal… But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good story, especially in time for Halloween. So prepare yourself and lets dig into the most haunted locations for us students to be wary of in Southampton! 

1)Talking Heads Pub, Portswood 

With a history dating back over 130 years, this pub has quite the legacy and apparently a few unwelcome visitors. In the past, the owner of the pub has reported being physically slapped in the face despite the fact no one was present. Other staff members have also claimed to see figures in the cellar and heard strange noises, apparently one time the ghost was even receptive to making noises on command. You can read more about Daily Echo reporter, Michael Carr’s experience during a paranormal investigation at the pub in 2013.

2)Portswood Residence

Unfortunately the internet’s paranormal database provides no exact location for this one, except describing the house as a detached private residence – so if that fits your home, then maybe keep your eyes and ears peeled? The haunting in this residence dated back to the 1930’s where the owner reported seeing disembodied footsteps walking around the house and windows randomly flying open without any reason.

3)Dolphin Hotel, High Street 

Maybe advise any family or friends wanting to visit you at University to find a different hotel, unless they are intrigued by the paranormal because in that case this would be perfect. This particular ghost actually has an identity, the name is Molly and she is said to have been an employee at the hotel in her other life. Like clockwork, Molly is said to appear at two in the morning drifting a couple of feet above the ground – yeah that’s not creepy at all, I’ll sleep fine now…

4)Delbridge’s Florists, Bedford Place

This shop no longer exists but the ghostly haunting is a tale worth telling. In 1997 the police opened an actual investigation to catch the perpetrator but what they found was eerily unsettling. Over six months, hundreds of carnation blooms were removed from the plants and despite lightly dusting the floors to detect footprints, they couldn’t find anything, and it remains a mystery as to who or what was attacking the flowers. Guess poltergeists aren’t great for business, who would have thought?

5)Avenue Campus

Yes, our very own University is haunted, and according to the Telegraph it comes at the lovely spot of number three for most haunted Universities in the UK. Like all good plot-lines for ghost films, the building is allegedly on-top of an ancient Indian burial ground, I know very original right? According to security staff members, the campus is haunted. There have been reports of furniture moving across lecture rooms and hearing creepy footsteps down the corridors. The worst story of all, however, comes from one member of staff who reported seeing a pair of hands creeping out from beneath a toilet cubical without the rest of the body attached.

All I know now is I will never pee alone in Avenue again…


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