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Would you like to be part of a change? To do something really good which can bring a smile to the faces of an unfortunate few? If so, let me introduce you to BRANCH UP. Branch Up is a student organization in Southampton which helps disadvantaged children.

Their mission is,

to take children who might not have the opportunity out for fun, educational activity days with motivated, inspiring students to improve their confidence and social skills while raising their future aspirations.”

Why Branch Up? What does it do differently from other organisations?

The research team at Branch Up says that one in three children in the UK live in poverty. Their economic background affects the livelihood of children and has a large impact on the growth of the child. Children from poor backgrounds don’t get to experience different kinds of activities, and they are less informed about the different opportunities available to them in life. Branch Up as a team can bring those opportunities to them. These activities take them around different places in the city, to the museum, zoo or on a play day so that they can explore more opportunities and have some fun.

Volunteering with Branch Up won’t cost you anything, you can join in and have fun with the children. The events take place around the Highfield Campus and the City Center. The transportation will be organised so you don’t need to worry about that. The volunteers have to pay a deposit of £15 to cover the DBS check t-shirt. You will get the deposit back at the end of the year providing you attend at least 4 of the activities. A DBS certificate is a check of your criminal record, which confirms whether or not you are able to work with children and vulnerable adults. If you have previous convictions, this does not mean you cannot volunteer. If this situation arises, they review your ability to volunteer on a case by case basis.

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Activity Days 2017-18
They run regular activity days for 7-13 year old children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Southampton. This year’s activity days are scheduled for:

  • Saturday 11th November
  • Saturday 18th November (Hands-On Humanities Day!)
  • Saturday 9th December
  • Saturday 27th January
  • Saturday 10th February
  • Saturday 24th February
  • Saturday 10th March (Science and Engineering Day!)
  • Saturday 28th April
  • Saturday 12th May
  • Saturday 9th June
  • Saturday 16th June

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