What Would You Do with One Billion Pounds?


Imagine waking up one morning to find a billion pounds just sat in your bank account. What would be your first move? NJ Online surveyed 1,000 adults to find out what they would do with such a huge amount of money, and some people had some rather interesting ideas…

Where do you even begin to spend such an incomprehensible sum of cash? Well, there were obviously people who said they would invest the money (how boring) and other responses that were equally unsurprising, such as buying a new car or a new house. In fact, the most popular response of all amongst all ages, locations and genders was the ambition to buy a mansion, which was shared by 28% of people surveyed. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Yet there were others who were far more clueless in how they would go about spending the fortune, which lead to some rather quirky ideas. Travel was a big one, with the desire to travel the world cropping up frequently, but interestingly, 14% of people said they would buy an island. Imagine that, owning a whole island. This response was actually most popular amongst 25-34 year olds – clearly they were tempted by the idea of running away from adult life. Along a similar train of thought was someone’s suggestion to use the money to disappear, go into hiding, or buy ‘At least 5 wooded acres with off-grid underground living in Washington or Oregon’… Okay then. Isn’t that just everyone’s deepest desire?

Suitably, some people’s choices were very suave and billionaire worthy, such as buying a yacht, and hiring a bodyguard. Key choices for a billionaire, I think. Another, more inventive idea included purchasing a self-driving car, very 007. On the other end of the spectrum, however, there were some rather humble responses, with some people’s dreams being to ‘Drink all the piña coladas, all of them’, creating a cat playground ‘Worthy of visitation’ or simply to ‘Sit on my porch with a cold one and watch the sunset’ – I’m not sure that would make much of a dent in the bank account…

Personally, I think I’d be more tempted with an island than a cat playground, but each to their own.


Fourth year English Lit and French student. 2018/19 Lifestyle Editor.

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