Pause Cat Café Christmas Party For The Elderly


On December 15th, Pause Cat Café in Bournemouth will be hosting ‘Auntie Anne’s Christmas Party’ – an event with the aim of ‘bringing people and animals together in the spirit of Christmas’; designed to give vulnerable elderly people a bit of Christmas cheer.

The name and event are inspired by Pause’s resident ‘grumpy old lady’ tuxedo cat, Aunty Anne, who despite being over 10 years old, can still definitely hold her own!

The event is advertised as a ‘peaceful café’ atmosphere where the elderly will have the opportunity to make friends, eat, drink and spend time with the cats. It is a relaxed and sociable atmosphere that aims to tackle the problem of senior citizens being lonely during the festive season. The not-for-profit café is offering a cover charge of £5, which includes a tea or coffee for the guest.

This isn’t the first time the café has held events to help people: every month they run meet-up sessions for carers, host mindfulness colouring sessions to destress, and in the past have run sessions to help socialisation for those on the autism spectrum.

In a move to make this event extra-inclusive, Pause are giving the public the option to donate £10 to the event, which covers entry, refreshments, and transport to and from the event to ensure that all too common limitations like mobility and money don’t stop a senior from enjoying Christmas to the full!



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