Review: Freshers’ Christmas Ball 2017


At the end of this semester, the Union hosted the traditional pre-Christmas fixture, the Freshers’ Christmas Ball, giving students the chance to get glammed up one last time before the term ends.

Credit: SUPS

Building 42 was transformed into an international Winter Wonderland. The concourse was covered in a snowy floor and a bark chip path, and a snow machine showered all in a haze of realistic flakes. A ‘Bavarian’ bar served free prosecco to students, with Union staff pressganged into wearing Lederhosen for the evening.

The Bridge hosted the much-loved Silent Disco, and the decorations inside were absolutely stunning, showing real thought and care.

If you could manage to get down the stairs to Bar Two (the queue for the toilets filled up most of the stairwell), you could find a Hawaiian themed bar with orange flower garlands, palm trees and surfboards. A resigned looking security guard was forced to stand there and stop students from crushing each other.

Bar Three saw Surge taking up residence, providing a playlist guaranteed to get everyone dancing – which is slightly more than can be said for the main headliner of the evening, Scott Mills. The Radio 1 DJ and Southampton-born presenter played an hour of last year’s hits in The Cube, occasionally shouting ‘It’s Christmas!’ over the top.

The highlight of the evening was without a doubt, The Grinch, who curated the evening alongside Union staff. His Who-ness found time in his busy schedule of self-loathing and Jazzercise to pose for photos with students and throw snowballs at the more unsuspecting ones. His faithful friend, Max, unfortunately could not accompany him, due to the Union’s strict No Dogs Policy!

Credit: SUPS

When asked for his opinion on this decision, The Grinch stated that he found the decision to be a ‘joke’, and went on to criticise the Union’s double standards, as they had allowed in so many female undergraduates whom he deemed to be ‘animals’. His overall assessment of the 2017 Christmas Ball was that it was a ‘total waste of time’ and that the Union were getting ‘more ridiculous every year’.

The Union has been contacted for comment, and will no doubt want to respond to Whoville’s most notorious resident’s claim that their event ‘sucked big time‘.

Your heart would indeed have to be two sizes too small not to enjoy an evening full of Christmas themed photo opportunities and cheap alcohol. The ticket price reflected the smaller range of activities on offer compared to previous events, but the Union still managed to create a beautiful evening full of fun and festive spirit.


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