The Notorious Christmas Hangover


Raise your hand if you are nursing a deadly hangover today. According to a new survey, most of Britain are probably standing (or lying down) with you. conducted the Great Hangover Survey of 2017  not just to find out if Britain was in need of a hangover care delivery service, especially around the Christmas season, but also to find out more about the drinking habits of us Brits.

Considering that the phrase ‘hangover cure’ was googled 27,000 times in December 2016 alone, it is not surprising that over half of the British public surveyed (58.8%) said that, if offered, they would use a hangover care delivery service to help nurse their festivity-induced hangovers.

However, after one too many mulled wines at the work Christmas party, how many of us would still come stumbling into work the next day? It turns out that Brits are not work-shy. Only 12.2% of people said they would definitely call in sick the day after a work party, while 67.4% said they would do the commute of shame and power on through the work day. The remaining 20.4% were unsure, and said it would depend on how heavy the night was. It was also found that  those in the 25-34 age bracket were the most likely to call in sick… pull your bootstraps up, millennials!

So, for those lightweights who would choose to stay in bed, what is their preferred hangover cure? Of course, the age-old foolproof options were most popular, with 18.7% choosing a greasy fry-up (although that makes mine worse!), close second was a nap at 17.2%, and lastly good old fashioned drugs (paracetamol -duh!) with 12.6%. Some of us are more experimental with our choices, one participant said ‘lettuce, and lots of it’  was their holy grail cure, and another said that ‘a mini milk lolly and full fat coke’ was the only way to cure her hangover.

So, if your festive hangover is getting the better of you, call in sick at work and get your mate to run to Sainsbury’s for the healing powers of an iceberg lettuce!


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