Rumour Has It… 2018 Union Elections Rumoured Candidates


Wessex Scene has done some digging around campus to find out who will be apparently nominating themselves for a position on the sabbatical team of 2018/2019.

Our track record for guessing a large percentage of the correct candidates is quite stellar so far, so hopefully, this year is no different. Here’s the 411 on who may be fighting for your votes in the next few weeks!


VP Engagement 

Charlie Morris

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

Simon Pinney


VP Communities 

Arun Aggarwal

Emily Harrison

Elena Christodoulou

Harvey Rickatson


VP Education

Bruno Russell

Sam Dedman

Matthew Cowley

Carly-May Kavanagh


VP Welfare

Laura Barr

Charlie Pound

Ellis Murrell

Olivia Reed

Dave Williams


VP Sports

Steve Gore

Jay Ham

Damian Meaden

Sami Said


VP Democracy and Creative Industries (DCI)

Tom Brown

Evie Reilly

Xavier Voigt-Hill

Danny Rickard

George Seabrook


Union President

Lii Mohamed

James Barker

Matthew Cowley

Matthew Armstrong

Sam Dedman

Emily Dawes

Cameron Meldrum


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