Best Valentines Date Ideas According to Research


As the big V-Day approaches, those of us in couples are simultaneously filled with excitement and worry. What are we going to do? Where will we eat? Should I get them a gift? Are flowers still a thing? Especially for new couples, Valentines Day can be a big thing if you haven’t already established the annual routine of Domino’s Pizza delivery and Netflix in bed. 

Well, researchers from the dating apps and Superdate polled their users on what their idea of the perfect Valentines Day date is from both the point of view of couples and singles. It turns out that those in couples are a lot more low maintenance when it comes to Valentines Day than single people are! 45% of couples said that they would prefer something “classically romantic” such as a dinner date, or a memorable adventure or activity. 13% said all they wanted was some “extra special time in the bedroom” and 6% said “nothing special”. Easily pleased!

However, if you’re not already in a couple, and you’re using this Valentines Day to try and sweep the apple of your eye off their feet you might have to think more outside the box. Although 39% of people chose “walking along the waterfront” as their ideal date, with it being the highest ranked option out of more than 50 available options. Single people have much higher expectations of their ideal Valentines Day date compared to those in couples, with users opting for more unusual activities such as visiting a tiki bar (24%) taking a cooking class or cooking together (21%) or visiting an aquarium (16%).

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This adventurous singles streak becomes even more apparent when users were given a list of “alternative date” options, and were asked to choose which one they would prefer. The results were split between four activities, kayaking, playing shuffleboard, ping pong or darts, dining in the dark (what?) and drinking coffee at a cat café (better get your reservation in at Pause!). 32% of singles chose kayaking compared to 28% of couples, 25% of singles chose shuffleboard, ping pong or darts compared to 24% of couples. Dining in the dark and a date at the cat cafe date were both evenly split between the groups with 23% and 21% respectively.

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So, make your way to the Southampton docks (how romantic) and book your place to drink coffee with the kitties for the best Valentines Day yet.


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