Sexual Consent Awareness Week: 18th – 25th February


The Sexual Consent Awareness society will be holding their annual SCA week from the 18 – 25 February. They will be raising money for Yellow Door, Southampton’s rape and domestic violence charity.

SCA President, Laura Barr, summarises what the society is all about:

We are a student led movement, dedicated to tackling sexual harassment, de-stigmatizing the taboo of sex and challenging myths surrounding sexual consent and assault. We will also be teaming up with as many societies as possible!

Upcoming events

Sunday 18th February (today) 

SCA will be at the Bridge’s weekly Quiz and Curry event. Host, Jay Ham, will be asking some interesting and brain teasing questions with facts SCA have provided for one of the rounds. You will also find SCA society collecting donations on campus with red buckets, every little helps!

Tuesday 20th February

The society will be hosting a debate on anonymity. This will be in 58/1067 at 6:30pm. The debate will be live streamed by SUSUtv and liveblogged by Wessex Scene, so make sure you tune in if you can’t be there.

Starting on Tuesday, SCA society will be visiting a number of halls of residents to hand out condoms, dental dams, lube and other resources to promote consensual and safe sex.

Wednesday 21st February

You can join the group on the Redbrick between 12-4pm to enjoy performances from societies such as Salsa and Zumba.

Make sure you stop by for some awesome fitness inspiration, and while you’re there, make sure you drop a couple of coins in our red buckets too!

Thursday 22nd February 

SCA society will be representing Yellow Door during a consent workshop. This will be in Meeting Room 5 of the SUSU building from 6-8pm. Snacks will also be provided and during the workshop there will be discussions and debates surrounding consent and some training to ensure individuals can support other people and themselves in these situations.

Saturday 23rd February

To celebrate the end of SCA week, the society have organised a sex take-over in the Stag’s at 8pm. There will be games as well as some more hand-outs, including: Condoms, dental dams, lube sachets, love eggs, penis glow sticks, stickers and so much more!

Laura added:

We must not forget the message: sex is fun, but only when it is consensual. We look forward to seeing all of you sometime (or all the time) next week so you can help us make a difference and do your part to #breakthesilence surrounding sexual assault.

If any of these issues discussed have affected you, please contact:

Your GP, Enabling Services (B37), your PAT, SCA, The Advice Centre, VP Welfare, Yellow Door.

Yellow Doors helpline on 023 8063 6313 (open every Wednesday 4-7pm)

Follow SCA on Facebook at SCAsoton and Instagram at @scasoton.


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