SUSU Elections 2018: Exit Poll Results


With Elections Night itself just around the corner, it is again time for Wessex Scene to reveal the results of our exit poll.

In previous years, we have had success in predicting some of the actual results in advance. Only time will tell whether we have any similar successes this year. Here’s the results of our poll of who our respondents ranked #1 for each sabbatical officer position.

Union President

The exit poll results for Union President seem to suggest that there will be a clear margin of victory for Matthew Cowley, but could the equal vote share between the second most popular candidates be an indication of tighter race than initially seems apparent.

Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries

For VP DCI, the exit poll results suggest a decisive, if closely fought race between Evie Reilly and Tom Brown – will this prove to be the case on the night?

Vice President Education

The results from the exit poll for VP Education seem to show a clear victory for re-runner Sam Dedman, will this be reflected in the actual vote?

Vice President Engagement

The exit poll for VP Engagement shows a close race between Charlie Morris and Fleur Elizabeth Walsh, this could go down to the wire.

Vice President Sports Development

Again, the exit poll suggests a decisive result. Will things turn out differently?

Vice President Student Communities

According to the exit poll result, this could be one of the most closely-contested zones.

Vice President Welfare

Finally, although this was the zone with the most candidates, the exit poll results suggest that there could be a clear winner.

Be sure to follow our coverage of the election results this evening to see who gets elected.


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