Union Spring Election 2018 Results


Union President: Emily Dawes

VP Student Communities: Emily Harrison

VP Education: Samuel Dedman

VP Welfare: Isabella Camilleri

VP DCI: Evie Reilly

VP Engagement: Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Sports: Steve Gore


Student Communities Zone 

International Students’ Officer: Dominika Jedrzejewska

NOC Site Officer: Lauren Coffin

Medical Society President: Kunal Namjoshi

Winchester Campus President: Venezia Georgieva


Education Zone

Environment & Life sciences Faculty Officer: Jessica Sainsbury

Engineering & Physical Sciences Faculty Officer: Abhinav Aggarwal

Joint Honours Officer: Swathy Sanjay Kumar Sindhu

Social Sciences Faculty Officer: Adrian Li

Medicine Faculty Officer: David Hendry


Welfare Zone

Wellbeing Officer: Emily Whelan

Nightline Officer: Charlotte Samways

Equality and Diversity Officer: Laura Elizabeth Barr

Democracy and Creative Industries Zone

The Edge Editor: Thea Hartman

Wessex Scene Editor Ivan Morris Poxton

SUSUtv Station Manager: Ben McQuigg

Surge Station Manager: Polly Marquis

Union Films Manager: Alexander Petrov

Clubs & Socs Officer: Corin Holloway


External Engagement Zone

Community and Volunteering Officer: Charlotte Colombo

RAG President: Janane Rajamohan

Ethics and Environment Officer – Lucy Stephenson


Sports Development Zone

AU Officer: Thomas Walker

Sports Participation Officer: Anisha Patel


Student Trustees: Samir Doshi, Oliver Jackson and Katja Stout


Those are the official winners of the 2018 Union Spring Election and the next student team to guide your union.


Former English Student | Travel Editor 2016-17 |Current MSc. International Politics | Editor at Wessex Scene for 2017-18.

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