Why EVERYONE Should Visit the Spring Careers Fair


On 6th March 2018, the university is holding the annual Spring Careers Fair in the Jubilee Sports Hall. This is students’ last chance of this academic year to chat to a wide range of employers about possible career paths, graduate schemes and internships. As well as this, students have the unique chance to gain an insight into unknown job opportunities that are on offer.

This year, the Careers and Employability Service are running an exciting competition for the first 100 visitors to the fair. They will automatically be entered into a prize draw, where one lucky winner will receive a £30 Amazon voucher! The fortunate recipient will then be announced at the fair.

The Careers Fair is aimed at students across the university, so there will be employers attending that are hiring from every discipline. What’s more, whilst many of the companies seem to be focused on certain degree programmes at first glance, they are often hiring for positions across the board. This means that although on the surface, they may not seem appropriate for a particular area of study, the chances are they are seeking out graduates from a variety of backgrounds.  The exciting employers booked in this year come from all kinds of industries, including IT and Technology, Public Service, Media, Accountancy and many more. There is something for everyone!

Excited to start looking towards the future?

Here are some handy tips on how to best prepare for the fair:

  • Check out the list of employers attending. Which ones are hiring from your degree subject?
  • Brainstorm some questions you could ask to really enhance your experience. Are there any grad schemes or internships currently being advertised? Is there anything they could advise you to do to really boost your career prospects?
  • Ask employers why they want to hire from your specific discipline. This could help you to make the most of the skills that they’re after on your CV.
  • Bring your CV along with you to the fair. If you need a hand preparing it, the Careers Centre runs useful one-to-one drop in sessions five days a week.
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the MySouthampton app, which will include a Careers Fair title where you can discover more about which employers are attending and what disciplines they are recruiting from.
  • Click ‘attending’ on the Spring Careers Fair Facebook event. You’ll receive updates as well as advice from some of the visiting employers on what to do before the fair.


The Spring Careers Fair is running on 6th March 10.30am-2.30pm. Jubilee Sports Hall, Building 18, Highfield Campus.

Find the Careers Centre in Building 37, Highfield Campus.


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