Urgent Call for Blood and Platelet Donations in Southampton


With the heavy snow forcing them to cancel many of their donation sessions, the NHS is sending out calls for blood and platelet donors. Extra sessions will be running until April to try and replenish what was expected to be taken over the last week.

You can check online at blood.co.uk or call the contact centre on 0300 123 23 23 to find out the availability of these extra sessions. Walk-in sessions are also available in static donor centres, which is the best way for you to donate at this time. The nearest static centre is the Southampton Blood Donor Centre on Coxford Road (next to Southampton General Hospital).

It is expected to take over a month for the NHS to rebuild their blood stocks and it is important that we all do everything we can to help, whether you have given blood before or not. Around 7000 donations across the UK were not taken because of the snow, which is more than ten times what we’d need in the aftermath of a terror attack.

Mike Stredder, NHS Blood and Transplant Director of Blood Donation is quoted as saying:

Seriously ill patients need blood every day and they rely on the generosity of people making time to donate. So, we are appealing for existing donors in Southampton to come along to a session and donate if they are able. If not then please book an appointment for the near future to ensure we keep up the momentum and collect enough blood to meet the needs of patients. Please take action now and walk in and donate – you will save lives.

For more information on your eligibility, and how the donation process works, visit blood.co.uk


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