SUFemSoc: Yellow Door Fundraiser


In light of the recent shift in narrative around sexual assault thanks to the #MeToo movement online, FemSoc are hosting a fundraising event to raise awareness for safe, consensual sex and raise money for Southampton’s Yellow Door.

Yellow Door is a charity local to the Hampshire area that focuses on providing help for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. FemSoc have worked alongside them for many years to raise money and awareness and to make sure they are known as one of Southampton’s most valuable resources.

“By offering a variety of specialist therapeutic, supportive and preventative services around the issues of domestic and sexual abuse, we can work with you and your community to help you overcome the negative impacts of trauma, violence and abuse”.

FemSoc are supporting Yellow Door for this fundraiser as they find that the emphasis is too often placed on the perpetrator’s narrative and not enough on the survivor’s. They believe that although it is important to tackle sexual assault and rape culture to try and prevent future cases, the number one priority should always be the mental and physical wellbeing of survivors.

This semester they are holding a fashion show and accompanying exhibition to display the clothes that people were wearing when they were assaulted. Inspired by similar events in Europe and America, they are hoping that the event will help break down the rhetoric that you’re “asking for it” by the clothes you are wearing.

Unfortunately, there is still a need for events like this because there are some people who are still ignorant and not fully educated about consent. FemSoc hopes that through this event they can promote charities and resources like Yellow Door and break down the stigma surrounding sexual assault.

The event will take place on Thursday 26th April at 6pm in The Cube!



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