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You may have noticed #BoycottSeaWorld trending on social media on the 24th July – but why was that? Well, that day was national ‘Boycott SeaWorld’ day.

In recent years, the amusement park company has come under fire due to the successful and controversial  documentaries ‘Blackfish’ and ‘The Cove’, which highlight the inhumane treatment of the marine animals kept in SeaWorld Entertainment parks.

What is this all about?

As the name suggests, it’s about not going to this company’s parks. Whilst the name suggests it is just kept to a day, this is not the case, as it is a constant battle for the animals to gain freedom. The global campaign is pioneered by PETA and other animal activist groups who want to see these magnificent animals properly cared for and not made to perform tricks. These animals have no voice, that’s why this day is important.

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Why boycott them?

Many may remember the tragic loss of an Orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau, at the Orlando park in 2010. SeaWorld blamed her death on her own negligence. However, SeaWorld not only treats their animals in an inhumane way, they arguably show disregard for their employees lives as well. People may argue that Tilikum, the Orca involved in the death, was a ‘bad’ whale; yet he was abducted from his mother by humans in the 70s and isolated in tanks too small for his large size. Experts suggest that whales will act out when presented with stressful situations like this. The healthcare provided by Seaworld has also caused outrage and inspired further interest in the boycott, as Orcas often live to age 60+ in the wild, yet according to PETA the animals only live on average 7 years and 6 months in captivity.

Has it worked?

Yes… to a certain degree. As of 2016, SeaWorld agreed to stop Orca breeding in their parks, amid pressure from customers and campaigners. Likewise, they also promised that they will phase out animal shows as of 2017 – though SeaWorld is yet to uphold this. Since ‘Blackfish’, they have lost millions in revenue and have a tarnished reputation which will be hard to ever recover from.

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What can I do to help the animals?

Although you might not live near a SeaWorld Entertainment park, the one thing you can do is sign petitions to help bring justice for the animals. Likewise, if you are visiting the area, do not fund animal cruelty by visiting the parks. Additionally, help conserve the environment by helping keep our rivers and oceans clean; these small actions will help make a huge difference.

Who supports the SeaWorld boycott?

From Ewan McGregor to Russell Brand, the list is very long.  In 2018, Bella Thorne spoke out about SeaWorld’s cruelty and starred in PETA’s new campaign. Furthermore, Noah Cyrus has actively campaigned to end the tyranny of SeaWorld in 2018. However, I urge you to watch actor James Cromwell’s campaign from 2017 which can be found below, as his arrest shows a dedication to the cause.

So finally… Let’s help #EmptyTheTanks!

To find out more, please visit:
PETA: www.peta.org
SeaWorld of Hurt: www.seaworldofhurt.com
Revelist: https://www.revelist.com/us-news/boycott-seaworld/746


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