Crazy Golf is Much Better with Cocktails, Who Knew?


Credit: Megan Hart

Who would have thought that trying to pass a tiny little ball through a windmill and round a loop the loop into a hole would be so much fun? (Oh, that does actually sound quite fun). From summer afternoon entertainment for children to trendy after work date activity, crazy golf has seen a real surge in popularity over the last few years. As a result, lots of wacky and wonderful crazy golf locations have popped up all over the country and last week I finally got to try the much-hyped Swingers in London.

With Southampton just over an hour’s train ride away from the capital, this would be the perfect place to go for a celebratory day out. Swingers has two indoor locations, one in the City and one near Oxford Circus. At £13 per person for nine holes, this golf course is a little more pricey than your standard one, but then, this isn’t your standard crazy golf. If you didn’t think crazy golf was sophisticated, then think again. The adult-only course is set in the middle of a swanky room surrounded by bars, street food huts and fairy lights. There is a huge range of cocktails to try, and the street food includes delicious-looking burgers, tacos, pizzas and ice creams.


Credit: Megan Hart

Whether it’s an afternoon with the family, a pre-dinner date activity, or a late and boozy one with friends, I would say it is well worth the money, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion. So if you’re heading to London this summer, or looking for a rainy day activity (or a heatwave day activity for that matter – the air con and break from the sun was so welcome on our visit last week), then definitely check it out. And if you’re nowhere near the capital, don’t panic; here’s Red Bull’s list of the 12 best crazy golf courses in the UK.



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