My Experience of Postgraduate Study Abroad


The United Kingdom attracts a high number of international students every year, from all around the world, and you will find a wide variety of international students in every UK university city. Many international students choose to do postgraduate study here in the UK because it’s an English-speaking country with an excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities.

Coming to the UK to pursue postgraduate study was one of the best decisions of my life. Through my time here, I have explored and experienced a lot of new things, and I have become more independent as a person. With so many graduates looking for jobs, studying abroad gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Postgraduate study abroad has a wide range of benefits, which include:

Increasing your employability:
It takes courage and confidence to set yourself up in a new country and immerse yourself in a new culture, so employers like to see this on your CV. Your likelihood of getting hired will increase, as you have international study experience. According to the Council for Industry and Higher Education, studying abroad demonstrates your global awareness. Those who study abroad are often more confident and independent, and bring multicultural knowledge to the workplace, making it easier for them to adjust to different people and new teams whilst working in the office.

Brush up your language skills:
Studying abroad can make your language skills much better than many other people from your country. Initially, communication with other people can be a little difficult if they have a different accent, but, within a few months, you will master it and become closer to others. You will build your vocabulary, which will be really useful and helpful in the future, and it will also help build your CV, because employers will understand that you can communicate easily with people from other parts of the world.

Justine Vinuya Experience of PostGrad Abroad
Credit: Justine Vinuya

Broaden your horizons:
Since coming to the UK six months ago, I have not only involved myself in university societies, but I have also done a wide range of internships. My last internship was with a law firm in Winchester, and it was the best work experience that I have had to date. Going to their offices twice a month and working with professionals left a huge impact on me. It has helped me to dress more formally according to the requirements of the firm and present myself better in a working environment. Sitting in meetings and working with professionals while pursuing my degree is something I never thought about before, and it’s something that would have never been possible in my own country. I have been exposed to these opportunities because I chose to study abroad, and they have made all the difference in my life.

Accelerating your personal development:
While studying here, I have gained transferable skills, including: project management, research, organisation, networking and teamwork. I have not only become more confident as a person, but the experience has helped me to make some big decisions in my life. I feel all of this is helping me to achieve my dreams, and learn more in the process.

Also, from a cultural perspective, living and studying abroad is helping me think more clearly. It has given me a wider perception of my identity, and made me think about where in the world I belong.

Postgraduate study abroad is socially, politically, culturally and intellectually challenging. It has given me a lot of confidence to try and explore new things. I have always been openly welcomed everywhere, at university, on internships or when visiting other places. My Masters has given me a lot of opportunities to develop as a person, which I hope to continue to do more and more in next few months. It has especially helped me to meet new people, not just from the UK but from different countries around the globe, and I have made contacts and friends for life.


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