Rumour Has It… 2019 Union Elections Rumoured Sabbatical Officer Candidates


The SUSU nomination period has closed, which means it’s time for Wessex Scene‘s annual rumour list of candidates.

Our track record of predicting the candidates for the full-time sabbatical officer roles before they’re announced is usually very accurate. However, some rumours may be more reliable than others…

SUSU President

Aaron Peter Page

Ben Dolbear

Beth Lanham

Henry Hill

Isabella Camilleri

Lucy Stephenson

Nik Mukherjee

Zach Sharif

Vice-President (VP) Education & Democracy

Adrian Liu

Evelyn Hayes

Evie Reilly

Jess Harding

Jo Lisney

Sam Dedman

VP Activities

Abigail Mustard

Ben McQuigg

Fiona Sunderland

Polly Marquis

Thea Hartman

VP Sports

Olivia Reed

Sami Said

Steve Gore

VP Welfare and Community

Daphne Li

Emily Harrison

Fleur MacInnes

George Hart

Laura Elizabeth Barr


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