Freshers 2012: Welcome to Winchester!


Photography by Hamish Dinsdale –

A Level results day is a day you will never forget. It’s one of the only moments in your life when thousands of emotions are experienced at a single point in time, but more importantly, it’s the day that you were accepted at the University of Southampton! So CONGRATULATIONS from the Winchester Wessex Scene Writer’s  and we hope you are as excited for your Fresher’s adventures as we are!

Here in Winchester we have such a close knit and positive community and whether you are living in Erasmus Park, Southampton or at home, you will always be welcomed by everyone and be able to join in with all the fresher’s antics that we have planned for you.

There are four main courses that make up the arts school: Graphic Arts, Fashion and Textile Design, Fashion Marketing and Fine Art. Here to give you some very useful advice from their first year at WSA are non other than a few of our lovely WSA crowd themselves!

Emily Taylor – Fashion and Textile Design

“The more time and effort you put into this course, the more you will get out of it! The first week is jam-packed but although this can sound like a chore, it’s actually a really useful opportunity to meet your new classmates.

There will probably be some sort of team-bonding task within the first week, so make sure you go. Not only will you meet the people you’ll be sharing a studio with for the next three years, you will also get a feel as to how your fellow students work and they can be as much of an influence on your work as your tutor.

Finally, if you plan on choosing the Fashion pathway, buy a pattern master. They’re pricey but invaluable and will make your pattern cutting so much easier to deal with.”


Caroline Raby – Fine Art

‘The Fine Art course at Winchester is great and there are lots of opportunities available to students. Most weeks there will be optional workshops scheduled and I would recommend you attend as many as you possibly can. The workshops provide a great skills base and will introduce you to lots of different members of staff.

Another thing I would suggest is that you make the most of your tutor and the studio space provided. Ask your tutor when you’re unsure and seek their advice during projects. Use the studios everyday, as this will help you make better friends on your course and allow you to see what others are making.

Every week on the Fine Art course a practising artist comes in to talk about their work. Really make an effort to go to these lectures (despite them being on a Friday afternoon!) as they are a valuable resource to have available.

Lastly, make sure you do things you love and are interested in rather than what you think your tutor may want you to do.”

Hayley Jones – Graphic Arts

“Starting your Graphic Arts course might seem intimidating, however enter the studio with a smile on your face and an open mind. Try and talk to everyone you meet and make the most of working with new people; you never know who you will end up being good friends with!

When you start your first year you will be experimenting lots with various media, drawing with different sized pens and being extra creative with photography, therefore it is always best to be prepared for what the tutors have in store for you for the upcoming week. So some creative advice for you graphic arts students would be: bring lots of random and interesting art supplies. Pens, paint, paper, wire, you name it and you will probably find a use for it, especially in the first semester.

Finally, I advise all of you to have fun! You are only a fresher once, so go out and socialise, have fun, and make the most of it!”

Alice Weld – Fashion Marketing

“Fashion Marketing is a new programme at WSA that meets the specific marketing challenges and opportunities presented by the world of fashion. It offers you a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of fashion marketing, with an additional emphasis on promotion and communication. The programme provides professional preparation for all of us wishing to pursue a wide range of roles in fashion marketing, from small fashion enterprises to international brands.

There is quite a large emphasis on digital technology in the fashion world, so start brushing up on some PC skills over the summer! We are also fortunate that WSA have an extensive network of industry contacts and guest speakers (make sure you take lots of notes!).

Also, read the suggested books! They are key for completing essays and will give you a huge advantage over others. Websites such as business of fashion are a good source too, just keep them on your favourites and check up on them every month or so.

And finally; don’t leave everything for last minute!”

Photography by Hamish Dinsdale –

If you have any more questions or worries about the courses please post your questions below, on the WSA Freshers Facebook page  or Tweet us @WessexScene_WSA !


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