WSA Welcome Party: Springbreak Success!


Saturday night on 22nd September, the 2012 Erasmus Park JCR’s hosted the first Freshers event of the fortnight at the WSA Union!

Over the Summer, the JCR team worked hard to organise the Fresher’s events for the newcomers to Winchester School of Art, the Springbreak Welcome Party night marked the first night of Freshers following their move in earlier that day. The theme was Springbreak and the Union was decorated with balloons and American flags as well as life size cut outs of Barack Obama, Uncle Sam and a later beheaded Justin Bieber.

Great music, great vibe, great night!

The Fresher’s arrived in three groups from 9pm wearing their reds, whites and blues. The music was a good mix and the floor was filled once everyone arrived!

Already better than our Fresher’s last year!

The Erasmus Park Fresher’s Reps, who were Fresher’s this time last year were also working hard that night. They were working the face paint stand, taking photo’s and making sure the Fresher’s were having a great time!

Springbreak was a great success! Can’t wait for the rest of the events!

What did you think of the Springbreak Welcome Party? For more info on what is to come in Winchester Freshers week, check out the timetable here.





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