Review: Freshers’ Welcome Parties


This past weekend saw the freshers of 2015 begin their Southampton adventure. Of course, this meant that SUSU played host to a series of welcome parties to ensure that we gave these new freshers a taste of what the student’s union can offer, and what nightlife the union can offer in the future. Headlined by our own alumnus Chris Stark, Wessex Scene sent two reporters to witness the antics for themselves!


Whilst the first two nights got busy early, the third did take  some time to get going, but once it did, the atmosphere was electric. The impressive light and sound system further enhanced the ambiance. Unsurprisingly, a room full of a large number of freshers all eager to have a good time certainly made for a fun night.

VP Communities, Anjit Aulukh, summed up our feelings about the welcome events when asked what he thought of the welcome parties:

They have been fantastic, people have absolutely loved them, it’s been brilliant. Chris Stark loves his university and he’s a brilliant alumnus. He just wants to come back and have fun, and people have just loved it. They’ve all been sold out, which is great!

Katherine Pedersen, studying English with a minor in Politics and is staying in Connaught this year found out some stark truths about inter-halls rivalries, asking us ‘Why do Monte hate Connaught so much?’. She also went on to profess her love for clubs and grammar! Asked what the thought of the welcome party she went to, she replied with three words – ‘It’s been banging!’20150921_221501

Pheobe Barboza, a Senior fresher rep for Connaught halls, gave us her experience of the new freshers, and how they’ve settled in:

On their second night Connaught have been going for it hard! I’m very proud to be one of their senior reps. They all seem to be throwing themselves into it – all covered in rave paint tonight and singing all the chants. It’s going to be a great freshers’. Blood, sweat and beers Connaught Rangers!

Of course, Chris Stark was the highlight of the welcome parties. He changed the (already fantastic) atmosphere completely – it felt that people were enjoying the welcome party far more. His working of the crowd by entering it, taking selfies and receiving their adoration gave his set an extra energy – not that the night needed any more! Playing the most popular dance hits, the freshers were certainly lapping him up. Seven Nation Army began the sing-along section of his set, which included famous hits such as Mr Brightside, Chelsea Dagger and Gold Dust, with Shut up and Dance With Me ending the set. His representatives were handing out drinks to the people at the front – looking suspiciously like more alcohol!

All in all, the welcome parties were a fantastic way to introduce the freshers to the University of Southampton, as well as showing that union events such as the Freshers’ Ball are not to be missed!

Hopefully the welcome parties set all you first-years on the way to a great freshers’ period, and a fantastic first year at university!

5 Stars.



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