How to: Set up Serialised Articles

Often an article will not be standalone, but will instead be part of a series of articles. In this case, you probably want your readers to have easy access to other articles in the series. In addition to this, you may want to have custom header images for all articles in the series. The following instructions will help you create your own series:

  1. Go to Posts >> Manage Series (if you don’t have access to this, then inform the Online Manager).
  2. Under the section Add New Series are several details to fill in:
    1. Name: The name you’re giving to the series (surprisingly). This will show up at the start of each article.
    2. Slug: This forms part of the web address for articles in your series (eg: if your slug is “sample-series”, then accessing will show all articles in your series). It can only contain letters, numbers and hyphens. Try to keep it as short as possible, but make sure it’s unique as well.
    3. Description: A paragraph or so explaining the premise of your series. This is shown when the reader views the series page (that’s the page showing all articles in the series).
    4. Image: This is where you can upload a header image which will be shown above all articles in your series. Make sure your image is 630 pixels wide (if it’s not, it’ll be autoresized and that looks ugly). It can be any height you want, but I recommend no more than 200 pixels. Once you upload it, copy the URL* into the image box (it doesn’t seem to do it automatically).
  3. Click Add New Series
  4. For each of the posts in the series, underneath the editor box is a section called Series, where you can select which series the post is part of. If they’re in a different order to when they’re made, then you can specify a specific part number, otherwise it’ll work it out for you.
  5. That’s it! Once you publish your post, it’ll be part of a series; the header image will automatically be put above each article, you’ll have an extra list in the sidebar linking to other articles in the series, and there will be navigation to the other articles at the end of the post.
Note: I’m not sure that all users will be able to create a new series. I think all section editors can, but I’m not sure about “normal” users. If you’re having any problems, email me (online manager, Sam Whitehall).