Newbies’ Guide to Writing Articles for the Scene

Please read this article if you are a new writer for the Wessex Scene website. It includes a short guide on the technical details of using WordPress and certain conventions we use at the Scene. Internet users are famously fickle, so it’s important to capture their attention.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in. In the left-hand sidebar is the Posts section. If it’s not already expanded, click on it. Then you can create a new article by clicking Add New (1).
  2. Article Title: (2) Unsurprisingly, this is the title of the article. This should be short and snappy.
  3. Article Body: (3) The actual article itself. This can be livened up in a few ways (some of these are links to other useful articles):
    1. Making use of images
    2. Breaking up sections using Headings (under the Format menu in the editor). They will look different in the browser than in the editor.
    3. Embedding YouTube videos
    4. Embedding a live Twitter feed (useful for current events)
    5. Using pull quotes to isolate key points
  4. Excerpt: (4) A short (up to 15 words) description of the article, designed to lure people to read the article. This is very important, and will very likely impact how many people click on to your article. If it doesn’t show up, you may need to press Screen Options (4a) in the top-right corner and tick the Excerpt checkbox.
  5. Categories: (5) Which section does your article belong in? We recommend not choosing more than one. If your article is also featured in the physical magazine, then please tick Magazine as well.
  6. Post Tags: (6) Type a few keywords (separated by commas) that describe the content of your article. This is useful for users trying to search for articles, and helps find similar articles to show at the side of your article. eg: Southampton, university, Solent, tuition fees, Conservatives, Lib Dems.
  7. Featured Image: (7) Using a striking image is an important way to attract people to your article. All articles must have a featured image, which can be set here. Click on Set featured image and then use this dialog to upload an image the same way you normally would.

Now that you know the basics, have a look at some of the other writers’ articles:

Once you think you’re finished with the article, then make sure you click Preview and tweak until it looks just right. Once you’re 100% satisfied, then click Submit for Approval.