Fire Engines Called to House on Gordon Avenue-Straighteners to Blame


At 10.16pm this evening, two fire engines were called to a student house at 81 Gordon Avenue. There was no smoke coming from the house and neighbours believe it might be a small fire or a false alarm. It appears that no one was hurt. Residents and neighbours have gathered on the street to see what has happened. Fire men were seen entering the house a few minutes ago, but without a hose. Another fireman was later seen entering the house with a blanket.

Wessex Blog will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

UPDATE: a fireman has been seen exiting the house with hair straighteners.

UPDATE 2: At 10.37 one of the fire engines left and there is now one remaining.

UPDATE 3: At 10.47 the last fire engine has now left.

UPDATE 4: Alice Miller, a resident at  81 Gordon Avenue was home alone with her house mate Katie Grable last night when they smelt smoke. The smell was coming from the room of a house mate who had gone home, so using a spare key they entered the room to investigate. Upon seeing the room filled with smoke they called 999.

As noted above, there was not a fire and no one was hurt. The hair straighteners had caused a chest of drawers to burn and they were removed from the premises by a fireman.


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