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Chat RouletteTwiddling our thumbs in the Wessex Scene office, we decided to conduct some research around the Chat Roulette phenomenon. Two of us had never ventured to the site before, while the other had seen plenty of nudity in a previous two viewings.

We conducted a study (anything in the name of journalism) about which members of society use the site most, tallying the amount of nudity and child-users. Too scared to show our face, we devised Stripy, a loving sock puppet, to steal the show and keep the attention of participants long enough to note down details about them.

What are your views about Chat Roulette? Have you visited the site? Do you participate often? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below.


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    My experience of Chatroulette is limited. Yes, there’s a lot of penis, and it’s a breeding ground for filth, but you do very, very occasionally meet people worth talking to. If you’re looking for conversation, I’d recommend Omegle, which is text-based. It’s still hard to find decent people, but the penis threshold is understandably far lower.

    All hope is not lost, however. A clever minority has noticed this blip on the social landscape, and has used it to make awesome. Look here:

    Carla Bradman

    That is a very funny advert!

    Dominic Falquero

    This is also great.

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    Chris Houghton

    Amazing thing is – Chatroulette is far from a ‘blip’ on the social landscape. It is actually one of the fastest growing social media sites, and once they eliminate all the penis and find a way to effectively monetize the site – it will be a very viable business. As far as I know the teenage Russian founder is currently courting many people wanting to invest in the business.

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